18 September 2014

Second Shift for the Win

Christina and Steve invited me to join them for dawn patrol but I couldn't make it that early. I did, however, request a report after they'd surfed. Crickets. I had to assume the waves were so good they were still in the water after two hours.

Since I was already suited up when Christina texted "blown out and crappy"- she'd actually been stuck in traffic - I thought I might as well check it myself. That's the benefit of living blocks from the beach.
From the overlook, I saw Steve heading for the exit.
More guys were out than yesterday but the waves looked worse: jumbled and disorganized as a NW swell joined the fading SW.

There was also a dude in Calumet park flying a quadcopter. He showed me a really cool shot he took of a wave crashing into the bottom of the bluff. It was a unique view - for nonsurfers.

I met Steve on the cobblestone beach. He actually had been out for over two hours, mostly at Hairmos, and reported that it was inconsistent and not as good as the last couple days. No way I wasn't surfing though, having made it down the treacherous muddy path and already sweating in my 2-mil short jane.

Waves were breaking more often on the rocky shore but I timed it right for a dry-hair paddle out through the murky water. The surf may have been worse than yesterday but I was better. I rode so many waves that I was surprised when I got out to find that it had been only about an hour.

Back at the car, just before I turned the key (rather, pushed the start button), a familiar voice asked, "Anything to ride out there?" It was Jason, my RAP committee co-chair, on a rare break from work. I hope he had as much fun as I did.

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