05 September 2014

For Christina

Hi, Christina! Sorry you couldn't make it out this morning, but you didn't miss much. There were only a few waves in each set and the lulls were so long between them that you wouldn't have caught many in a 45-minute sesh before work.
I scored three long rides, one right and two lefts, in over an hour. So lovely to watch the smooth green wall beside me!


  1. Hi Cynthia! This is cool space you have here. I noticed a comment you left me on my blog a while back, and I felt bad for not responding. Luckily I saw it today and came upon your blog. It's fun to do spot checks on your site. I went to Oceanside this morning. It was pretty fun, but the crowds filled in around 10:00 and so did the tide.

    1. Hey, Devon, nice to hear from a fellow San Diego county surfer/skater/writer! I really enjoy your blog. Not sure if I left my contact info on that comment a while back, but if you ever want to meet up for a surf/skate/coffee, ping me on Twitter or Gmail @surfergrrrl.