09 May 2014

San Diego Surf Film Festival 2014

Front row two nights in a row, for a couple of movies that were great for entirely different reasons.
I'm glad I went, although it was hard to stay up till midnight when my internal alarm clock is stubbornly set to 6 am for dawn patrol.
Someone in the audience asked Switchfoot, "If you had to choose between surfing and music, which would you pick?" Lead singer Jon Foreman had an intriguing and mildly profound answer ready. I can't remember his exact words, but it was along the lines of: In surfing, you have to ride finite, existing waves, but in music, you create the waves, which makes music a much broader experience.
Switchfoot answers questions after the Fading West screening
I'm writing an article entitled, "Why Aren't There More Surf Gay Surfers Out in the Lineup?" Stand by for that.
Out In The Lineup producer Thomas Castets and world champion surfer Cori Schumacher
Sold-out show


  1. I just bought Fading West because of this entry. Going to watch it tomorrow probably. Gracias!