23 May 2014

Becoming Inured?

I feel bad. My Mpora listicle, "9 Useful Surf Accessories You Might Not Know About," included the Hot Jugz portable shower, based on recommendations of female friends. I honestly didn't notice the provocative name. And certainly not the logo on the water tank, which appeared prominently in a photo accompanying the piece; I'd suggested a different picture, of a surfer using the shower. Even when a Twitter friend commented, I had to take a closer look; my mind wasn't seeing the buxom babe in a bikini, but rather, at first fleeting glance, a crude map of the world.

That makes me wonder, have I become inured to the sexism around me? Is it so prevalent that sometimes I don't see it anymore? I hope not.

I've contacted the Hot Jugz company, which is based in SoCal, to ask them about the choice of name and logo, and the effects they may have had on sales. We'll see if they're willing to talk about it.

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