25 May 2014

Maybe If I'd Brought My Towel...

Today is Towel Day, but I'd forgotten that and was thinking only of beating the Memorial Day weekend crowds when I got to the beach an hour after dawn. Should've been there earlier; the throngs quickly descended despite the early hour on a Sunday. I rode a couple of waves - one a fun and fast shoulder-high left - before being shut out for a while.
A few of the Crystal Pier dawn patrol regulars were out, but the irregulars were clogging our waves. Jeff cussed as one cut him off. "I wish the water was still cold," he groused. Drop the sea temperature 10 degrees, and it would've been just him, Howard and me on the main peak.

I tried farther down the beach but there was a reason the ocean was emptier there; waves weren't breaking as the tide filled in. I jumped on one that mushed out, then joined sponger David as he paddled to the main peak. Briefly the interlopers went elsewhere, and I was able to score another ride.

Tomorrow, I'll be out at actual dawn.
Up the beach at Tourmaline, 2 hours later (via Surfline cam)

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