18 September 2011

Sunshine and Smiles (HMB Jetty)

My extended surf posse met up this morning at the Jetty: Luke, J-Bird, Jacob, Nikki, Darren, Heather, John, Adrian, Noah, and Denise.
The posse owns the peak
The waves were small, only knee- to waist-high, but we were out for fun and friendship.
Talking story in the lineup: John, Darren, J-Bird, Nikki and Denise
And I finally got a surfer nickname: Water Flea!
J-Bird, leaving the dirt parking lot with her longboard under her arm: OK, longboarders, let's go get some waves.
Me: I brought my 7'0". Can I come too? ;)
John: "You're such a little water flea, for you that 7'0" is a longboard!"
Jacob on an epic wave
It should be noted that John's nickname is Low Tide, for the way his wetsuit allegedly smells. I didn't get close enough to verify.
We hooted each other into knee-highs and there were many party waves. Just after I took this video, J-Bird claimed the wipeout of the day, shooting Luke's new tanker high in the sky. I was definitely runner-up, but no one saw mine so it doesn't count.
John demonstrates the look on J-Bird's face as she went over the falls
Abstract Luke
Lots of fun with friends on a summery sunny day!

Surfline: NW windswell eases as reinforcing SSW (195-205) Southern Hemi energy mixes in. Average areas run knee-waist high, while top breaks see occasional 3-4' sets. Light southerly wind early for generally clean conditions, although openly exposed areas see some light surface crumble (S wind protected breaks stay cleanest). Buoy 46012: (Wave) SWELL: 3.0 ft at 10.8 s WNW 76 / WIND WAVE: 4.3 ft at 5.9 s NW / WVHT: 5.2 ft / APD: 5.1 s / MWD: 311° (Met) WSPD: 16 kts / GST: 17 kts / WVHT: 5.2 ft / DPD: 6.0 s / WDIR: 320° / ATMP: 55.6° F / WTMP: 55.2° F Tide: 3.5' rising to 4'.
Fall is coming. Pumpkins in a field near Half Moon Bay.

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  1. Nice - looks like a bit of friendly fun. No one seems to mind sharing small waves.