07 April 2011

So One Ball Jay Got Caught in My Hair...

...the surf wax, that is. (Yeah, I'd never heard of it either, but when I ordered my new leash, it was either pay for shipping or thrown in a few bars of Jay and get it for free.) Usually when I put my surfboard on my head to carry it, I'm wearing a hood, but Monday was so warm that I hadn't yet suited up that far. The instant I placed Emm's freshly waxed deck atop my bare noggin I thought uh oh! but it was already to late. After melting into my hair and scalp during the surf session, the wax wasn't visibly obvious, but I could feel a matted spot that refused attempts to wash it out. So I asked the Tweeple for help in dislodging good ol' One Ball Jay. The responses on how to remove surf wax from hair broke down interestingly by gender, with the surfer guys offering quick but often flip and not very useful advice, and the girls giving less timely but practical tips. Read for yourselves:

Luke Kilpatrick
@ Wax Comb :)
@ Cynthia, get the "Slater" cut. We are all gonna love it.
Darren Mason
RT @: So how can I get surf wax out of my hair? // melt it with fire or hair dryer :)

Tracey Thompson
@ did you try peanut butter? that was my mom's old standby for getting gum out of our hair.
@ How about Goo-Gone or The Chief?
Emily Chang
@ it's weird there isn't a single search result @ surf wax, but some tips for candle wax (try oil to soften)

I didn't have occasion to try any of the remedies as the wax worked out on its own over several days with frequent hot shower scrubbings, but if ever if make that mistake again, I'll have a better idea of what to do. Thanks, surfergrrrls!

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  1. I reckon a solvent like natural turpentine would do it, or citrus turpentine. I make painting mediums with the former and beeswax and oil. But it might be toxic. Eucalpytus oil maybe?