20 March 2011

Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo

A heavy storm with rain, thunder, and strong onshore wind made the surf an unrideable mess this weekend. But at least there was an indoor event for surfers. After a tasty lunch at Pacific Thai in Santa Cruz, Scott and I parted ways and I walked a few doors down to the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo. Here's the show in pictures.
If you have to SUP, these look pretty cool.
Funky shapes
Interesting idea
Jeff Clark (left)
Hard to believe they used to ride these actual logs.
This doesn't make me want to buy Future Fins.
You could never wax this.
I was lucky to catch Ward Coffey, who made my excellent 7'0", finishing up his entry for the Shape-Off, where half a dozen shapers were put in a glass box and given 2 hours to replicate a classic Doug Haut “Bump” design.
There's another video here.
The judges confer over the original.
I left before the Shape-Off decision for a walk with Scott at Steamer Lane, and silently cursed when I saw it was cleaning up after the bad weather, since I hadn't brought my board. More storms are stacked up with more south wind on the way, so it's anyone's guess when I'll get to surf again. I just hope it's soon.

Update: Ward Coffey won the Tribute to the Masters Shape-off!

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