22 March 2011

The Dawn Between The Storms (Cowells)

A stormy weekend had kept me out of the water, so I was eager to surf as soon as a small window opened up. Winds have been a big issue lately, but they were predicted to be light this morning ahead of the next front blowing in this afternoon. I arrived in westside Santa Cruz in semi-darkness, but there were already 3 surfers in the water at Cowells. The crowd grew steadily with the daylight, but for a while it was delightfully light, and I was happily surprised when Tracey and Chris joined me in the lineup. The mellow waves were sectiony and only around waist-high, but I caught some nice long rides to the inside and put some stoke in my tank. The onshore wind cranked up as I was leaving, so I'm glad I got on it early. No better way to start the day!
Surfline: Lightly textured, small scale lines working through this morning offering some workable corners for the small wave gear. Fading mid period WNW swell with peaking long period WNW swell and fading short period southerly windswell. Surf is in the chest-head high range at good spots with 2-3'+ overhead set at NW standouts. Small SSW groundswell mixes in the background with 2-3' sets. Buoy 46012: (Wave) SWELL: 8.2 ft at 17.4 s NW 24 / WIND WAVE: 1.0 ft at 3.4 s WSW / WVHT: 8.2 ft / APD: 10.0 s / MWD: 310° (Met) WSPD: 8 kts / GST: 12 kts / WVHT: 8.2 ft / DPD: 17.0 s / WDIR: 150° / ATMP: 51.3° F / WTMP: 52.2° F. Tide: -0.6' rising slightly.


  1. Great you had a lot of fun! -- Manabu

  2. I hope you're getting some wave between storms too, Manabu!