02 August 2009

Waterproof Band-Aids Aren't Enough?

On Friday, while BUI (Biking Under the Influence), I wiped out next to the San Francisco Aquatic Park when I hit an uneven patch of sidewalk during a fast turn. The unforgiving pavement shredded off many layers of skin just below my knee. Within moments, almost before the pain set in, a park ranger appeared like a guardian angel to offer first aid supplies. S and my big brother M bandaged me up, then administered a couple more glasses of pinot grigio (for purely medicinal purposes) on the way back to the train station.

Sadly, notwithstanding my purchase of jumbo-sized waterproof band-aids, on S's stern advice I have to stay out of the ocean a while longer until my wound has healed some. Life had already kept me from surfing for more than a week and my gills are getting very, very dry. Fortunately the waves are tiny now anyway.

So... nothing to report here, but how about some eye candy from last weekend's big swell?


  1. The waves aren't that tiny; it was 2-3 feet at OB today. Try liquid bandage?

  2. Ssss, I don't want to hear about it! I know, I saw the Jetty.

    It's a pretty big scrape; I think I'd have to dump a whole bottle of liquid bandage on it. Besides, I used that after I cut my lip biting my board in December, and it never quite healed right. Have you used liquid bandage much?