28 August 2009

Half Moon Bay @ Jetty, 28 August 2009

Today was hot and sunny, with swell in the water and glassy conditions, so the Jetty was packed when I met up with L and S2 for a sunset sesh. I caught one wave but threw it back (i.e. backed off) when I realized it was imminently closing out, so I'll count that as a half. Hope to do better on dawn patrol tomorrow, at a secret spot somewhere on the Lonely Coast.
Halfway through the sesh, L paddled up to announce that now he knows what a barrel feels like - when it goes over the falls at Niagara. Ha! Always good to get wet, enjoy the company of a couple surf buddies, and watch a sea lion, pelican, and dolphin show from the water with a spectacular sunset as a backdrop.
I think I have the video on the new Pentax set to highest quality now, but it's still not as good as I expected. I'll have to thumb through the 1/2-inch thick manual again. And damn those water spots.

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