24 July 2009

Capitola, 24 July 2009

With the south swell jacking up to overheard at many spots around Santa Cruz and a mob on it already, L and I decided to try Capitola for some more sane-sized waves and at least a friendly crowd. The traffic to Santa Cruz after work was unbelievably bad today, with Highway 1 and part of 17 nearly at a standstill. (No, I'm not making this up to cut down on crowds.) When I finally made it to Capitola I was so very ready to get in the water and wash away all the stress and frustration. It was well worth the drive. I got one nice left and a handful of other short but fun rides on my shortboard on the punchy 4' waves.

And I finally got to witness L surfing in only boardshorts and a vest, so now I'm a believer.

My apologies for the lack of south swell eye candy. I took more pix and video, but the quality was poor, worse than this. I'll have to investigate why. But first to sleep, perchance to dream of waveriding.

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