04 July 2009

Surf Etiquette

Surf etiquette, from the wall at Capitola Beach:
  • Don't drop in
  • Don't paddle through the middle of the break
  • Take turns
  • First one up has the right of way
  • Communicate your direction
  • Respect the ocean, the beach, other surfers
  • Aloha


  1. And the most important:
    Rule No 1 - Furthest out or waiting the longest has right of way

  2. Yes, that is supposed to be one of our local laws, it is posted here by the surf school which is respected, but no one sticks to that rule. So much so that it is necessary to break most of the other laws just to get a wave. But we love our fellow man, don't we?

  3. We all need a reminder from time to time.