07 June 2009

Half Moon Bay @ Jetty, 7 June 2009

Same spot, different day. The SSW swell is fading, so I was playing "How Low Can You Go?" and it turns out I can catch some pretty small waves on the fish, as long as they have recognizable wave-shape. I leave the amorphous blobs to the longboarders, like L, rising from the sea and riding a little one:

[I don't understand why the video looks so much better on my computer than after upload to Vimeo or Blogger, nor why when I crop out the last second showing a sky shot and re-export the avi, iMovie enlarges the file substantially but quality seems to degrade. If there are any Mac movie-makers reading this who've figured it out, please let me know.]


  1. Yeah you didn't miss much if you skipped OB.

  2. Well your first query relates to the conversion and compression of your movie to Flash used by YouTube and Vimeo which does degrade the quality. A little less so on Vimeo it seems.
    On the 2nd query I wonder if you are using the latest version of iMovie. Many Mac users prefer to use the older version iMovie 06, which provides far more control over video editing that iMovie 08 and may account for the growth in your video file. I gather Apple has responded in iMovie 09 by reintroducing some of the features available in iMovie 06 that went missing in iMovie 08.

  3. Actually I'm using iMovie 4.0.1. I've got an old PPC; the latest version I think only works with Intel Macs (PPC is the abandoned stepchild.)