05 April 2009

HMB @ Jetty, 5 April 2009

Since for now I can't live at the beach, the next best thing is having surf buddies who do. Thanks to L for the live report on the Jetty this morning, including the advice to bring my longboard since the waves lacked sufficient shape for a fish.

He was dead on; many of the waves were moundiferous and I was having a little trouble getting into them even on the LB. Pushing my weight forward enough to stay with the swell led to inevitable and dreaded pearling. But I practiced pulling out of pearls with some success, although I need to remember not to overcompensate and stall the board once the nose has lifted.

I caught a batch of nice rides, including the grand finale, a long, smooth ride down the line, staying on the face and ahead of the whitewater until I was nearly at the beach. In sum, an awesome Sunday sesh - woo hoo!
Board's eye view of Pillar Point.

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