04 April 2009

Fort Point

S and I planned an adventure in San Francisco around my participation in SurfAid's Swim 4 Life. We took our bikes on the train, and after my 30-minute swim, we kicked back with a bottle of Riesling and some good Italian food in North Beach.

Then it was back on the bike path along the Bay, all the way to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. I've been to Fort Point half a dozen times, but this was the first I've seen anyone surfing there. More pix here. It's a punchy left, the only left point break I know of in the Bay Area, so being a goofy-foot I'd love to try it someday. But right now it's above my skill level, what with the extreme currents under the bridge and many partially submerged rocks in the takeoff zone. One day....

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