20 April 2009

Destination: Australasia!

Jumping on some low airfares - about half the cost of our trip last year - S and I have booked a week each in New Zealand and Australia during the second half of November. This trip, we'll spend less time flying around, with stops in just Auckland and one of our favorite cities, Sydney. We spent only 4 jet-lagged days in Sydney last November so we're looking forward to deeper exploration of the area.

It will be our first time in New Zealand, and I'm all goofy-foot excited about the long left called Raglan that's not far from Auckland on the North Island. My Down Under surf buddy Matt just posted this enticing description - can't wait to be there in person!


  1. Raglan - busy break with fierce locals good luck! Don't forget to get yourselves up to the Northern NSW coast round Byron also.

  2. I'll just smile sweetly :-) Last November we went to Byron but it was pretty flat.

    Have to get over your way to WA sometime - maybe next year.