14 April 2009

The Bay vs. The Bag


  1. Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! Makes me want to scream and cry and get that T-shirt printed that I keep threatening to: 'Human's Deserve Extinction'. Maybe I still will - in the meantime, I just keep on picking the bags up off the beach and filling them with rubbish.

  2. Maybe you should get that message printed on a reusable canvas shopping bag instead!

    Most of the beaches I go to don't have much trash (not that I notice anyway), but I was dismayed to see a plastic candybar wrapper and an orange peel floating nearby when I was waiting for waves at the Hook on Monday. And on the drive home, a stretch of Hwy 17 had a fluffy blanket of plastic bags in the median, like old snow cast along the side of the road.