20 April 2007

Linda Mar, 20 Apr 2007

Swell direction: NW
Tide: At 4.6 high and fallling
Wind: Breezy onshore
Air/Water Temp: 58/51 degrees

Choppy, sloppy, rolly, mushy, disorganized, about 4' where I was hanging with the shortboarders in front of the bathhouse, dropping to 2' on the south end. Probably 40 people out; you're never lonely at Lindy. It did look like the longboarders were having more fun. But I just needed to get wet, even though I knew going in I wouldn't have a chance of catching anything. So my modest goal for the sesh was to sit on my tippy little 5'8", hands free, without falling off into the water. Stop laughing! I did mention it was very choppy, so this was not so easy. I think I may have taken a lot of pictures of the sky, however, as attempting a shot usually off-balanced me into the drink.

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