08 April 2007

38th Ave, 8 Apr 2007

Swell direction: WNW
Tide: 0.25' low and rising
Wind: Light with bursts of breezy
Air/Water Temp: 55/53 degrees

Lately it's been blown out north and mostly flat south, so today was my first surf in two loooong weeks. I found a perfect parking spot for my ding-free MINI Cooper in the 41st lot and walked west a little. It was a beautiful sunny day and the waves were 2-4', so as the guy who parked next to me said, "everybody and their dog" was out. All fighting for inconsistent and mostly mushy waves. Still, it was a beautiful sunny day, and I was surfing, so all was right with the world, at least for a little while. From the leftovers, I pulled 3 short but decent rides, and one dammit-I-popped-up-with-my-feet-too-close-together. I want to go again!

Check out this tree clinging to a beach cliff near the Hook. I would not want to live in that house.

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