13 April 2007

Capitola, 13 Apr 2007

Swell direction: WNW
Tide: around 4.4' high
Wind: Very light
Air/Water Temp: 43/52 degrees
Wildlife: One shy seal

It was cooold when D and I got to Capitola for dawn patrol. Since it was high tide, which would make it tricky to get out of the water at PP or the other cliffside spots, we headed out there even though it looked small and mushy from the beach. Fortunately D had dusted the spiderwebs from his LB, 'cause his SB would not have worked at all. And it was bigger than it looked, about 3-4', with only 2 other people out. So nice not to be crowded! We caught a lot of waves, with some good long rides. An excellent way to start the day, watching the sunrise from atop a surfboard.

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