23 April 2007

38th Ave, 23 Apr 2007

Swell direction: WNW
Tide: Falling, between 4.8' and -0.5
Wind: Calm to light
Air/Water Temp: 45/52 degrees
Wildlife: An unshy sea otter

D had some lame excuse about needing sleep, so I headed to SC alone in the dark predawn. The sun rose in a clear sky and the ocean was glassy. Where I went out around 38th, the waves were 4' and a little inconsistent, but it was overhead nearer to Pleasure Point. I almost caught a few waves on my shortboard, and practiced duck-diving while waiting for sets (score against the one actual wave attempted: 0). On the way in, I popped up for a few second ride in the whitewash, but fell when I oversteered into a turn. A glorious morning to be in the water - what a terrific way to start the week! And the great thing is I get to do it again tomorrow morning.

I followed a sea otter's underwater bubbles and got his picture up close.


  1. This is a good picture! I know you have been trying hard at it.