04 April 2015

Slow Saturday with the CP DP Regulars

Ordinarily I try to leave Saturday and Sunday for the weekend warriors, since I can surf almost anytime during the week and I don't like to fight the crowds. But the forecast for next week is looking a bit grim, so I surfed dawn patrol today and will likely tomorrow as well.
from the Surfline cam, after the fact
There was already a small pack on the north side of Crystal Pier when I paddled out on my shortboard. Their faces were all familiar: David the sponger, Howard the longboarder, Jeff the shortboarder, and Brian who rides whatever board is best for the day, plus a couple guys I've seen before but don't know by name yet. Everyone was chatting and friendly, which is why, if I'm going to surf in a crowd, I want it to be this crowd of CP DP regulars. The spirit of aloha is alive and well in this place in the early morning.

The waves were chest-high at best, lully and inconsistent. I rode a couple of good ones, a left and a right, and spent a lot of time waiting. When the shift changed and the regulars were replaced by the weekend warriors, I left them to it and left with a smile.


  1. What do you do that you can surf any time during the week! Loving your blog...


    1. I'm a freelance writer and patent agent. And I'm writing a young adult novel about a teenage surfer girl who's given ocean-related superpowers by a merman :)

      Like your blog too - nice photos!