23 April 2015

Nothing to Sneeze At

This morning was my first time surfing in a week. Early last Friday, I sneezed too hard and hurt my sacroiliac joint – I had no idea what or where that was, until my low back/right hip hurt every time I bent over. And seriously, who gets injured by a sneeze? After suffering through the weekend, I saw my chiropractor on Monday, who told me sneezes more commonly cause dislocated ribs. Huh.

Yesterday was Earth Day and I went on local TV and radio to plug San Diego Surfrider's new Ocean Friendly Restaurants campaign. Watch/listen/read more here.

Anyway, on to the surf! Although I missed some nice swell through the weekend, the last few days were thankfully small and meh. Today the size increased and I was forced, due to my still delicate post-sneeze condition, to paddle out at the gentlest spot in the neighborhood instead of charging shoulder-high plus waves at the pier. I didn't leave disappointed. It felt good to be back in the water and I rode a handful of fun waves too.
from the Surfline cam

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