09 November 2014


The EXPOSURE women's skate event was inspirational. It got me to the park in Ocean Beach for the first time in probably a couple months. I'm rusty and out of shape!
Ross Field Skate Park this morning. And that's how skaters do memorials.
What inspired me was seeing other girls of all ages and abilities skating. Groms (if they're called that in skateboarding) were boosting airs, and I can't wait to see what rad moves they're capable of in five or ten more years. Then there were the seniors, a few women over 50, who were taking their first tentative pushes around the flats. And the pro women were absolutely ripping. Truly inspirational.
This little Pink Helmet Posse girl had the biggest smile when she pulled a fakie with the help of a friend.
Front-row seats - this was the view from our Surfrider Rise Above Plastics booth.
Ready, set...
Amelia Brodka

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