23 July 2014

Lake, Etcetera

Although the Pacific hasn't been quite as flat as Lake Tahoe - still pretty close, most days - that's not the only reason I haven't blogged lately. A couple of afternoon sessions last week reminded me why I don't like to surf past midmorning, despite the warm summer sunshine - two-foot chop amid whitecaps puts a definite damper on already small surf closing out on a bad swell direction. It was nice to join other San Diego Surf Ladies in seeing off Laura before she moved to France, but ugh, the waves were pretty darn awful. At least a few dolphins came through the lineup to bid her adieu.

Today the windswell perked up a little and I would have been on it at my home break, but I tweaked my neck Sunday while trying to bodysurf dumpy little waves. It's not recovering fast enough for my liking, but I hope to at least get in the ocean for a snorkel/swim tomorrow in La Jolla. And I'm itching to go back to the skate park to work on drop-ins, since I had my first successful (instructor-assisted) ones last weekend. It's a hill I'm determined to climb - or fall down with control, more like. And although the forecast looks bleak for the near future, hopefully Lake Pacific will rouse itself soon and serve up some decent waves.

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