01 April 2014

San Diego Beaches Closed. Because Sharks!

South Coronado Island
Because of the stormy weather, I was planning to stay out of the ocean for a couple of days, but now it looks like I'll have to take a much longer hiatus from surfing. I just heard on the radio that all of the San Diego beaches have been closed indefinitely!

Some dude - I found this letter from him online - decided to secretly open a shark farm off of the far side of South Coronado Island, less than 20 miles from San Diego. Apparently Mexico was more receptive than Canada to his idea of raising "big whites the length of B.C." in large floating pens so he could sell their fins for soup.
Sometime during the night, suspected animal rights activists cut through the underwater fence and freed the sharks. Sadly, one of them didn't make it out alive. The farmer had tracking devices on the biggest ones - those over 12 feet long - and he says they're beelining for the San Diego coast. Scientists aren't sure why, but think it may have to do with the genetic modifications the farmer made to try to make the sharks' fins larger. In the process, he likely altered the electroreceptors that help them sense prey, amping them up and tuning them to a different frequency that causes the sharks to be attracted to large populations of humans. At any rate, there is a pack of 50 hungry great whites on its way to our coast, so don't go in the ocean!

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