17 December 2012

Lumpy (Linda Mar)

"It's cold. It's raining. The water's likely polluted & the waves look meh. But it's been 4 days since my last fix so I'm going. #surfaddict" -@surfergrrrl
There were a lot of lumps of water moving around at Pacifica today, although not many that resembled rideable waves. Fewer than a dozen surfers were out along the entire beach. I challenged myself to make seemingly unmakeable waves, with some success, and left satisfied enough to tide me over through the next round of storms.

On a happy note, my first (temporary) home break in San Diego will be Windansea, where I surfed with friends on surfari two summers ago.
Windansea sunset surf
Scott and I are renting a small house a short walk from the beach in La Jolla until the end of February. Only three weeks till we head south to those warmer waters!

Surflie: 3-4' occ. 5', fair [not!] conditions. Sets pushing up to head high. Mostly sectiony lines with pick-n-choose corners, few decent ones here and there. Clean surface conditions. Surf will gradually increase through the day off the building WNW-NW swell. Overcast/foggy skies. Light rain showers scattered about. Moderate south wind at the moment. Buoy 46012: (Wave) SWELL: 8.9 ft at 12.1 s NW 112 / WIND WAVE: 1.6 ft at 3.8 s SSW / WVHT: 9.2 ft / APD: 8.1 s / MWD: 306° (Met) WSPD: 8 kn / GST: 10 kn / WVHT: 9.5 ft / DPD: 13.0 s / WDIR: 280° / ATMP: 56° F / WTMP: 57°. Tide: 3' rising to 4'.

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