12 September 2012

Having a Blast on Rocket (Linda Mar)

A bit more juice in the water today, and oo-la-la, I had fun on my shortboard! It was a lot better than it looked from the beach.
Once again, there seemed to be more shoulders on the south end, both rights and lefts, with fewer smashing closeout sets. I even got in a couple of turns on the best right. Stoked!
Surfline: 3-4 ft occ. 5 ft, fair conditions. Clean surface with a mix of lines and some peaky corners. The tide push should help shape. NW wind/groundswell mix continues today and will ease through the afternoon. Surf is in the 3-5' range at many exposed breaks, while standouts are seeing some plus sets. Conditions are decent with light SE/ESE wind, although there is a little leftover crumble on the water. Buoy 42026: (Wave) SWELL: 5.3 ft at 10.8 s NW 75 / WIND WAVE: 1.3 ft at 3.4 s S / WVHT: 5.3 ft / APD: 7.3 s / MWD: 311° (Met) WSPD: 4 kn / GST: 8 kn / WVHT: 5.3 ft / DPD: 11.0 s / ATMP: 56° F / WTMP: 55° F. Tide: Less than 4' falling to 3'.
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