05 June 2012

Let's Go Night Surfing

Moon over the SC Wharf
Night surfing is something I've wanted to try for a long time, especially after reading Mark's description in Surfing by Feel. So far, the closest I've come is staying out a bit past sunset at Cowells. Last night as we drove home from the City, the full moon glistening on the quiet water in San Francisco Bay, I thought about it again. If that were the ocean, there would be just enough light to see the waves. I'd hoped to try in the warm, less-toothed seas off Nicaragua, and even brought glowsticks on the trip for such an event, but packed them home again when I couldn't find company. In cold NorCal, however, a few buddies want to join me, so let's do it!

Here's the upcoming full moon schedule:
  • 03 July
  • 01 August
  • 31 August
  • 29 September
Keep an eye out around those dates for a confluence of suitable swell, tide, wind and clear night skies in San Mateo County, maybe at the Jetty or Linda Mar. And let's go niiiight suuuurfiiiing!

Update 29 September: Fog happens. Every darn full moon. Maybe someday...


  1. One of my fav experiences(and dates!). I was new to surfing, but just like Mt. Bike riding at night, it made me better at the sport. You really have to trust your senses. Just remember to pack the uggs and some hot chocolate - or snuggle up with your bo and some hot toddies!

    1. Thanks! And I'll be sure to pack my jug of hot water.

  2. sadly, I will have to miss this grand event. I'll be hanging out with the wife and kids in Santa Cruz.

    1. We had to cancel because of fog. Maybe you can join us on the next full moon!