01 December 2009

Surfing by Moonlight (Cowells)

After the Southern Hemi wave drought, I was sorely in need of a stoke restoration session. So I headed to Cowells with my big blue longboard for a sunset surf on a negative low tide.

I caught too many waves to count. Many good rides. Loooong rides. Mostly frontside lefts. Woo-hoo! The vibe at Cowells was friendly and lots of people were smiling at me. I thought, gee that's nice, but then realized I had a stoke smile stuck to my face!

The Surf Camera Case (a product I do not recommend) mounts to a wetsuit on the upper chest and has an opening to allow video/photo recording while surfing. I played around with that for the first time today:
There's another video here. These weren't my best rides, but it's a fun perspective. (Hmm, maybe it's time for some clean new wax?)

I stayed out until the near-full moon was shining bright along with a few early stars in the deep twilight sky. The shot below was taken with the Pentax in night-photo mode, for which it suggests a tripod. Since instead I was being knocked in the knees by waves, it's blurry in an artsy way.


  1. Excellent Day of surfing for all. So happy you got some great long waves. I got my first barrel today so I was wearing my stoke smile all day too.

    Dawn Patrol at the jetty in the AM if your interested :)

  2. Sounds wonderful. I very much missed the forgiving wave at Cowells when I was getting tossed around at LM today. Glad you got in plenty of rides! Hope to surf with you again soon.

  3. That's awesome you got barreled, Luke! No DP for me; I have an early meeting.

    Tracey, definitely let's surf up again soon.

  4. so since the waters been a freezing 60 degrees, i decided to take my wetsuite in to get repaired. the surf shop said that rip curl should repair all my seams but the seperation of the neoprien is from abuse. one of my seams is completely opened, about a quarter of and inch wide. ive never turned my wetsuit in so im interested on the result. but for now i have to wear my 3/2 that likes to open when its big. luckily, it hasnt been big.

  5. 60 degrees, poor baby! The ocean temperature is dipping into the upper 40s here now.

    Big is coming next week.