27 January 2010

Surfing in Cold Tea (HMB Jetty)

There's no better way to start the day than in the ocean, watching the sunrise from my surfboard.

The water this morning was like old tea with leaves floating in it. And branches, water-logged planks, kelp floats and other debris big and small. Again I had the Jetty all to myself, since my buddy made the poor decision to sleep instead of surf. The 4-5' waves had significantly cleaned up (in the other sense of the word) but were still a bit disorganized and shifty, with high-tide backwash. I lined up with the "Contaminated Water" sign and got a handful of rides in a short time, and had partial success landing some late-takeoff drops. The new Magic surfboard continues to live up to its name.

Surfline: The surf has cleaned up quite a bit overnight as WSW/WNW (primarily 280-290+) swell fades. Most better breaks across the region are seeing surf in the shoulder high to overhead zone. Winds are light early, although this mornings nearly 7' high tide is adding some bump/warble to the mix. Water temp: 32°F (whaaa?!!) Buoy 46012: 6.9 ft @ 11.1 sec.