03 November 2009

Surfing from Moonset into Sunrise (HMB Jetty)

I've sorely missed dawn patrol and now that annoying Daylight Savings Time has ended, it was nice to greet the rising sun from the water again this morning. Though the ocean was bracing cold, the air was summery warm. It was a glorious morning to be alive and in the surf.

I took the shortboard out for a change and caught a couple waves, but sadly blew the landings on the drops. One more and I know I would've nailed it, but the break crowded up fast and I had to back off a lot of makeable waves for traffic. Should've been there even earlier, especially since the full moon was bright enough for pre-dawn surfing.

Lucky Luke scored his best wave ever, but I'm not complaining; any day surfing is a good day.


  1. Yep, a bad surf beats a good day at work any day. And I agree, daylight saving absolutely stuffs up the surfing. We recently had a 3 year trial because the government decided that we hadn't really made up our minds in 3 previous referendums in which we voted a resounding 'NO' to it. It was bloody hell, this is the first summer we won't have it because, you guessed it, we voted no again....

  2. I hate DST but the government doesn't ask our opinion. And they keep extending it on both ends of summer.

  3. Bugger. It would be OK if employers were more flexible and let you start later after a surf. Our government (West Australian) stuffed up nadly because they got too greedy and made the period for daylight saving way too long. Even people who were in favour of it to start with were thoroughly fed up by the end of summer so they lost a lot of support. Here the rationale is that we integrate better with the Eastern States but hell, we are 3000 miles away, may as well be another country so why do we have to fit in with them?? It's all for the business people I'm afraid.