08 March 2009

Truthiness in Reporting

Waiting in line at the Safeway checkout this afternoon, the Sunset magazine cover caught my eye. Where, I wondered, was the fabulous small town warm enough for surfing in a bikini? I flipped through the mag, and to my surprise, learned that this tropical paradise is none other than -- our very own Capitola!

Capitola is indeed one of my favorite Bay Area towns, but puh-leeze! I have yet to see anyone surf there without several mm of neoprene. Indeed, unless it was one of handfuls of unchilly days in late summer, the model posing for the shot would have been shivering, especially with her feet immersed in 50-something degree water.

But of course a woman in a wetsuit wouldn't sell as many magazines. Truth be damned.


  1. Don't you hate that. Sometimes the 'decorative' girl surfers paddle out at our local break. They don't last long without a wetsuit though. That's justice I reckon.

  2. Yeah!! I totally thought the same thing when I saw the cover. Pretty lame Sunset (I love Sunset) but we're not dumb!

  3. I actually see people trunking it regularly in the summer. I occasionally see women in bikinis. I think that the trick is to wait until the air temperature is high enough and then be good enough so that you don't fall in too often.

    I would never do this.