21 March 2009

Kelly Ave, 21 March 2009

This morning I took my shortboard as well as the fish, and L had a spare longboard available for me as well. I've had the wrong board too many times lately, and wanted to be ready for any sort of waves. As it turned out, I ended up on the fish anyway at Kelly. Unfortunately I didn't bring a backup camera, and despite an empty memory card and fresh lithium batteries, the GoPro Hero turned balky, refusing to record anything* but this one little video clip of outward-bound L.

We made it out once through the shorepound and short-period whitewater. L drifted south and bagged one ride on his big-guy shortboard, while I worked north and briefly found a sweet spot. Sadly I blew the pop-up on the only wave I caught, as is always the case when I'm this rusty. After that, Kelly decided to deny us entry back into the green water. Starting from the beach again, we made a couple attempts to use a rip, but kept getting sucked south into the lull-less walls of whitewater. I tried one last time while L prudently watched from the beach, but with arms turned noodly from the near-constant duck-diving - must do more push-ups! - I finally had to concede defeat.

There's a storm coming later today, but I'm going to try really hard to get out for a sunset session next week. Can't keep letting work get in the way of play!

*Good customer service with a prompt email response from GoPro. My problem was: "If you are using a Mac to download and delete files, make sure you delete the files from the memory card AND the trash can before you disconnect the camera from the computer. If you do not do a complete delete, then the card will show ‘0' files but the space will not actually be cleared." D'oh!

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