20 June 2008

Linda Mar, 20 June 2008

The wind behaved itself on International Surfing Day, but the waves weren't cooperating. On a day when inland temperatures hit 100 degrees, the two small breaks that were working at Linda Mar were clogged with surfers. But I was there anyway, and I just had to get my new fish "Nemo" wet for the first time. At least I got to paddle around and get the feel of the board, but the crowd kept me too far on the shoulder to catch any waves. So far on the shoulder, in fact, that a few times I found myself in the region where the water is coated with smelly scum - and as of course there are no waves to be had in the ripcurrent, I'd have to paddle back north a bit closer to the crowd. Still it was a lovely sunny day, so warm that I was overheating in my 4/3 and needed to dunk periodically to cool off. DO joined me in the water for a bit, and it was nice to have someone to chat with out there. Still, I need to give Nemo a real trial in real waves with a real opportunity for catching them, hopefully in the next few days.

Afterwards I picked up some trash as part of the Surfrider beach cleanup, and noticed that I usually don't notice how much junk people leave behind on the sand. I guess it's just something I block out. But when I looked for it with a trash bag in hand, I found there really is quite a lot. My most unusual find was a sandwich, intact in its plastic store wrapper.

The sunset over the ocean was glorious, closing out the bittersweet longest day of the year.

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