19 May 2008

Goldilocks on Dawn Patrol

This one was too small.

Maybe on a SUP or a longboard, or the fish I didn't get last weekend, but no way Linda Mar would work for me on the Xanadu. There was no one out and the waves were around 2', far short of Surfline's reported 3-5' occasional 6'. (Though to be fair, the reporter did say it was hard to see through the fog which had dissipated by the time I arrived. Or maybe he was "reporting" without actually looking, as I suspect they often do.)

This one was too lonely.

If anyone had been out at Montara, or if I had a surf buddy along, it would've been worth a paddle out as there were definitely some makeable waves more in line with Surfline's "report". But I just can't do Montara alone. I tried once and freaked myself out thinking of sharks. I don't know what it is about the place that's so spooky. Maybe it's because of the shark attack and a sighting or two or three or four?

Sadly, unlike Goldilocks, I never did find the one that was just right. But I did get to see the monster of Montara, perhaps a cousin to the dinosaur of Davenport.

The monster of Montara.

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