07 March 2007

Linda Mar, 7 Mar 2007

Swell direction: WNW
Tide: at 1' low
Wind: Very light
Air/Water Temp: 50/52 degrees

Pacificwaverider was claiming HMB @ Jetty to be 2-3 feet, so I drove by on my way to Linda Mar. 2-3 inches was closer to the mark, little ankle-biters maybe getting to a foot, so I didn't even slow down and kept driving north. Montara had a couple people out on small waves, so I was fearful of another skunking, but still determined to get wet. Fortunately Lindy didn't disappoint. It was glassy but small, 2-3 feet, mostly mushy and inconsistent, but I managed to ride 3 decent lefts before I had to leave for work. Life is good again!

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