09 August 2014

Inspiration and Education

At the Supergirl Pro yesterday in Oceanside, one of the few names I recognized in the Round of 96 was Felicity Palmateer. She's a goofyfoot like me, and I'd admired her down-to-earthiness in the short film So It Goes:
I snuck away from volunteering at the Surfrider table to watch her heat, first from the beach and then from a better vantage on the pier.
After quietly contemplating the ocean, Holly-Sue Coffey went on to win the heat.
As I wrote last year, it's always inspiring to watch the pro women surf. And I'm lucky to live close to the venue for a three-day women's contest, since I learn a lot from seeing their heats in person. The pier offered the chance to better observe how they paddle (a lot of arch in the back) and duck dive (effortlessly with spot-on timing) as well as select and ride waves. I wish I could've spent more than one heat soaking it in. (Scroll down for more photos.)
I've also been learning much from watching video tutorials by Surf Simply, even the beginner-level ones like "Catching Unbroken Waves" which I previewed for a novice friend.
The coach explains maneuvers in detail using a whiteboard so that they really make sense. It's more analytical than most surf instruction, and it helps me to understand the mechanics - the why underlying the how - so I can better put the advice into practice.  I'd love to go to the Surf Simply camp in Nosara someday.
Post-sesh, from the Surfline cam
All that was in my mind during this morning's surf at Crystal Pier. It was a short session (since unfortunately my neck is still not quite right), but I caught more waves because of it. Nose down, fast power strokes plus a few extra, and commitment, culminating in a fun chest-high left with a one-second face. Stoked!
Too slow to catch their post-heat overhead double high-five 
Most of the competitors were blond
An inspired fan, after getting her photo taken with the surfer in red
Alex is a super girl - she picked up beach trash to win a Surfrider calendar in our bingo game
Holly Sue (1st) and Chelsea Roett (4th), before the heat
Chelsea Tuach (2nd), paddling strong with a proud chest
Felicity Palmateer came in 3rd
Timing the duck-dive - maybe I need to go earlier
After the heat
Paige Hareb? So many blond surfers, it's hard to tell them apart.
They weren't all blond though. And she was stoked!

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