05 June 2014

Snaked by a Sea Lion

Photo by my friend Heather, at the Marine Mammal Center
Two sea lions surfaced near the pier this morning, exhaling loudly, then swam within six feet of me. I watched through clear water as one glided past. A wave lifted me, unnoticed until then because I was facing the beach for the nature show. I wonder if I could've caught that? Ah, too late, I thought, but the sea lion was in position and surfed it to the inside.

Brian was paddling back out and said the sea lions had ridden the wave together. A few minutes earlier he'd shot the pier, although unfortunately I missed seeing it. There were a few other guys out, scattered farther down the beach. The waves were again waist- to chest-high, with the occasional bigger set. Fun on my shortboard!

And this is why I get up early for (almost) dawn patrol.

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