23 June 2014

Back in the Water

It had been 8 days since I last surfed, which is the longest dry stretch in a quite a while. I've been OK with it though; skating kept the jones away, as did shopping for a new skateboard. Thankfully my Achilles tendon held up through yesterday's skate lesson, and I think it's going to be OK now. Our instructor, Andrew, said it would be difficult to do tricks on my Carver skateboard (including dropping in, which I really wish someone at the EXPOSURE clinic had told me before I fell many, many times in the attempt). So a less surfy skateboard is on its way!
Still, this morning I needed to get back in the water, despite the continuing forecast of small surf. Plans with friends to chase a too-southerly groundswell up to far north San Diego County and surf Trestles fell through, so I paddled out with Christina and new buddy Nicole at Ocean Beach instead.
Happily, the waves were bigger than reported. Next to the pier looked pretty good, but also too crowded. We found a mostly empty peak farther north, where I put some watery stoke in my tank with a handful of fun rides.
Christina photobombed my shot of a trashcan

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