30 May 2012


Inspired by this post on The Scuttlefish, especially Brian's comment that "I feel like a f**king dolphin," I've just ordered a handplane from Spirare. And another for my husband, who wants to give it a try (someplace with warm water).

When my sprained wrist was making pop-ups difficult, it would've been nice to have this alternative. And it's a lot more compact for travelling, sans ridiculous board fees.

In the course of stumbling around on the web (why do they call it "surfing"?!), past the woodworking tools, for more information on these wave-riding devices, I came across this: Handplanes are the anti-SUP.

I've never used a handplane before and am not good at bodysurfing, but this looks fun. Maybe my first barrel won't be on a surfboard.


  1. How was your first handplane session?

    1. Hasn't happened yet. The handplane should arrive by the end of next week. I'll blog it, of course!

  2. My partner has one of these and takes it out occasionally. I've tried it but I'm not good at body-surfing. Looks like fun if you get the hang of it though.