25 January 2012

And Now for Something Completely Different (Nicaragua)

Scott and I spent a week at Suave Dulce Surf and Yoga Retreat* in northwestern Nicaragua.
Margie on the right, waiting for waves
Cheering Scott on, and trying to keep my board going (photo from video by Holly's guy)

Our cabana at El Coco Loco

Cows and cowboy on their daily beach walk to pasture
Surf instructor Jackie paddling for a mushy wave
Horse with a beach view
A shelly beach on the 15-minute walk to the break
One of their four dogs chilling by El Coco Loco's bar
Me popping up on a little right  (photo by Cydney)
Bikini test over, time to put on a rashguard  (photo by Cydney)
Party wave! (photo from video by Holly's guy)
My fun left, captured in pixels (photo by Cydney)
Post-surf, post-happy hour low tide 
Holly by the truck packed with boards

Awesome sunset swim in the Pacific
*I don't recommend this camp, which was subsequently rebranded by Holly Beck as Surf With Amigas.


  1. Brilliant, great shot of you on the biggest wave.

    I am riding a 6' 6" 7S Superfish and I kick my feet, just at the last bit when wanting slightly more push to get on a wave.

  2. Love that big left you took SG!

  3. Oh and thoroughly enjoyed reading about the trip too!

  4. Thanks, y'all!

    My coach Barry told me that kicking rocks the board and disturbs its glide. It took me a long time to break that habit.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like a fantastic trip. I'll need to ask you in the future about the different seasons. I'm looking for some place to go around October.

    1. Not sure what it's like there in October, but I think it was pretty big when my coach Barry took some clients in November. You could always contact Holly via her website to get the scoop.

  6. I agree with Barry, if you do the kicking ALL the time. But just a few good kicks at take-off can get you into it. I know a lot of surfers way better than me kick at take-off too. I guess it's personal preference in the end.

  7. Wow, you found a right point in Nicaragua. I guess you prefer the lefts, though, since it looks like you are a goofy foot (from your video).

    1. Nahualapa Bay has right and left point breaks, and A-frames in between: something for everyone. But I was loving the lefts because NorCal is pretty much all rights.

  8. Nice report! Love the presentation of the journal with the shells! I have 2 questions:

    1) Did the bikini stay on well?

    2) What is your overall impression of the surf camp? Or surf camps in general. I've read some negative reviews of them -- mostly regarding their being geared to complete beginners (or "surf tourists" who mostly want to be on vacation with the surfing thrown in for fun, rather than surfers are serious about wanting to improve). From what you wrote, it doesn't sound like there were many beginners at all though.

    (I'm asking because I'd love to go to a surf camp and get quality instruction in addition to lots of surfing! Just started surfing last summer and am obsessed with it, but only average once a week or a little more, so I have a lot to learn!)

    - P
    [I'm the anon female/feminist commenter from your Mavs post :)]

    1. Thanks!

      1) I'm going to write a review of the two supposedly "wipeout-proof" bikinis I tested. Standby.

      2) This was my 3rd surf camp and will be the last. For beginners I'd recommend my first, Pura Vida in Costa Rica. Unfortunately Suave Dulce did seemed more geared to surf tourists, and I was disappointed in the lack of coaching/instruction. Even for my beginner husband, there were just a handful of tips and he was mostly on his own. For me, there was little in the way of coaching, even when I directly asked for it (help with duck-diving). Maybe I'm spoiled by the quality coaching I'm getting from Barry (makingthedrop.com) but I expected more. Barry has taken clients to the same spot in Nicaragua, and I'm wishing I'd gone with him instead.

      Let me know if you ever want to meet up to surf. You can find me on Twitter @surfergrrrl or Gmail the same.