05 November 2011

Surf Stronger: Core Training Review

Several months ago, I downloaded Surf Stronger Volume 2 - Core Training with Serena Brooke. While I like Volume 1, the second incarnation is even better, doing away with the unnecessary downtime of the original.

The main workout is forty minutes, with about the first ten devoted to a pre-surf warmup you can do on the beach. The remainder is the core training, which requires a fitness ball and mat. Many of the exercises are analogues to those prescribed by my physical therapist after I compressed a disk in my lumbar spine on a bad wipeout at Linda Mar five years ago. They are designed to strengthen the core, which has as one benefit a protective effect on the back. As in the first Surf Stronger, there are explanations of how each exercise is designed to improve surfing performance, with illustrative on-the-water clips occasionally interspersed. If you need motivation to keep going, there it is. While none of the exercises seem too easy, only the last one before the stretching portion poses a serious challenge for me: plank on the ball for 60 seconds. I can do it, but barely.

An added bonus is the separate Quick Core segment which takes only 10 minutes and does away with the excuse of not having enough time.

Surf Stronger Volume 2 is my new favorite home training workout.


  1. A better strategy is to always mix it up and keep your body from getting applied to one kind of core workout. A straightforward strategy to mix it up would be to alter the order and number of reps or switching between a bosu ball along with a stability board for example.

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