25 November 2011

Sexism in Margaritaville

When we had dinner at Jimmy Buffett's in Waikiki, I wasn't sure which restroom to use:
I am a surf rider...
...but I'm also a girl, though I don't hula.
Good thing they added the international symbols. But the sexism, grrr!


  1. fucking H A T E it. just got a surf photo book from my bf sent to me in the mail today.
    160 pages and only one pic of a girl - doing the same thing as the other guys.
    the rest 3 pics of surfers which doesn't appear to have a penis, they stand against a wooden fence, standing in string pants, making a "flower formation" in the water - seriously.
    the worst bit was that the only girl photographer in the book was kinda that the girls have themselves to blame for getting paid 1/4 of what the guys get paid.
    love surfing, but 95% of the magazines/books/films whatever that comes with it is redicilous when it comes to picturing women/men.
    id be happy to hear about a film/mag that doesn't!!