23 October 2009


After checking out the Hook, which was packed and going decidedly overhead on the bigger set waves

and 38th Ave, which was more manageably-sized but also crowded (of course)

Luke and I met up at Capitola jetty where I borrowed his wife's surfboard again. (Speakers on; this video has an accidental soundtrack by an unknown singer/guitarist.)

Beth's board is a narrow, pointy-nosed, odd sort of longboard. It paddles like a longboard, but carves like a shorter board. And I was carving with it! It was perfect for the somewhat mushy shoulder-high waves at Capitola. I could've made a go with the fish had I brought it instead of my shortboard, but given the crowd due to the swell-hype, the purple board got me a lot more waves. And they were some of my best rides ever. I took several great long fast rights and, for the grand finale, made the drop and worked a left nearly to the beach where Luke was standing in the shallows. He said, "Now that's the way to end a session!" Stoke 10!

I must confess, however, that now I have been infected with board envy; I am in love with my buddy's wife's surfboard. Anyone know where I can find a similar Petty? It's of obscure Oregon origins. In any case, I think it's time to get myself a higher-performance longboard. This one is just so much more fun than my Cobalt.


  1. I can see why you'd need the longer board. Nice though. We are in the S/E winds season now and it is crap, but hoping for some benign summer sessions at our new home break in Denmark (WA) when the wind goes north.

  2. Hope you get some good waves at your new break! We're heading to your country next month, but will only be around Sydney on this trip.

  3. We had a little surf the other day. Got a bit crowded when the kids gotout of school but there are times during the day that it is really quiet.
    OK, Sydney - nice but busy I reckon. Northern NSW too? Let us know if you are ever coming over this way.

  4. Nice if you can get out during the day! No plans yet to visit your part of Australia. Unfortunately the exchange rate is headed in a bad direction right now, making a trip expensive despite the good airfares. Hmm, better for you to visit here tho, eh?

  5. Mmmmm...Robin (Ramsnake) wants to go to Hawaii one day but I reckon I would just feel intimidated. Not even the new exchange rate tempts me all that much. Just a parochial Aussie I guess. I am much more inclined to do the 'walkabout' thing, go in a campervan and check out South Australia. One of our mates reckons there are some spots tucked away on the south coast where you can get some good 'moderate' (not too pumping) waves all to yourself. (He rides a long and a short board and is my age)