19 February 2009

Can't See Surfing Tomorrow Either

Still beached.

A few people have asked what's wrong with my eyes. The main problem is that I'm seriously myopic; I literally can't see more than 6 inches without correction. (Now that I'm getting older, I can't see up close either, so my naked-eye depth-of-view is from about 5-6 inches. Ugh.) Normally my near-sightedness is fixed with soft contact lenses (and I worship their inventor), but for a week I haven't been able to wear them. Last Tuesday, S and I went for routine eye exams at Eyeworks of San Mateo, and a few days later, we both had eye infections. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I doubt it, and after shelling out for another exam and a $50 prescription copay, I'm not going to risk a return visit.

Regardless, I can't see well enough to surf without contacts, and of course I can't surf in glasses. And I can't snowboard or swim. Or even drive without added risk (no peripheral vision, objects closer than they appear). It wasn't so bad over the weekend, with heavy rain and storms chopping up big surf, but now that conditions have cleaned up and the swell is fun-sized, I'm getting very angry about this situation. My gills are all dried up and I need to get in the water and ride some waves. I'm afraid my eyes will not be well enough tomorrow, but fortunately it looks like Saturday will still have good surf on offer. And I'd better be better by then.

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