03 May 2007

38th Ave, 3 May 2007

Swell direction: NW
Tide: Rising, an hour past -0.5 low
Wind: Calm to very light
Air/Water Temp: 45/54 degrees
Wildlife: A distant seal

No pix today; my camera battery died. It was 4-5', bigger closer to the Point, and surprisingly uncrowded. Unfortunately D decided to waste his time sleeping instead of surfing. I'm getting more used to the shortboard now, actually catching a few waves, although not managing to ride them for very long. I think I need to practice in the whitewater some more just to get the feel of being up on the board. Too bad there's not a loooong barely-sloping beach break like Westport, WA, around here - that would be perfect.

When I parked at the Hook, a couple guys hit me up for wax. (Funny how that never happens when I'm with D, but like every other time when I'm alone.) Before they finished with my wax, a homeless guy, who looked like a former member of ZZ Top, paused his overloaded grocery cart to ask me about my MINI Cooper's gas mileage (28-30). Guess he thought the conversation was unfinished, because after I surfed, he followed me back from the bluff to my car. Said he liked to talk to pretty women, had $50K in the bank his aunt left him, and was an idiot savant. Hmm. Seemed mostly harmless, but I needed to change into my work clothes, and escaping to the bathroom was my only option. Fortunately he didn't follow me in there!

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