16 December 2015


Tammy and Kristen wanted to surf at dawn, before they had to go to work. Despite much moaning about the forecast temperature in the 40s, we all turned up before sunrise. The sand was so cold it burned my bare bare feet as I hurried to join my friends in the 63ยบ water. It reminded me of a winter day in Half Moon Bay with Luke years ago.
Carazul, my new Degree33 7'2" egg, really loved to play in the waist-high peelers at Tourmaline. Although we only lasted an hour in the cold, I had many chances to practice carving turns. Next time maybe I can try whitewhiter climbs and floaters. I'm really starting to get the hang of longboarding and it's pretty fun.
Luke on a frosty morning in NorCal several years ago

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