18 October 2015

Tres Amigas en Baja

Tammy and Kristen suiting up
Tammy, Kristen and I made a trip south of the border, stopping at Robert's K-38 Motel to surf.

The waist-high+ waves were soft and a little funky but uncrowded – only one guy out under the spread arms of the enormous Jesus statue on the hill. I blew the landing on a right and then had trouble getting into anything else.

Unfortunately it wasn't long before Kristen cut her finger on her leash and went in, followed by Tammy. They stepped carefully across the cobblestones, giving me a little more time to look for one decent wave in. I didn't want to leave skunked again like the only other time I surfed there.
The break in front of Roberts. I think it's called Teresa's.
When they stood waiting for me on the beach, I reluctantly conceded I'd have to do the paddle of shame. But just a few more minutes... and finally I caught a wave. It sectioned quickly but I rode it out. Score!
Kristen procured some electrical tape to wrap her cut finger, and we drove south in search of better waves. Neither La Fonda nor trash-strew La Mision looked enticing.
Kristen, Tammy and me at La Mision
We headed back to Tijuana and stopped at the Food Garden for lunch. I was surprised to find one of the food booths, Veggie Smalls, was mostly vegan! My tofu hotdog with coleslaw was delicious, although I could tell from the fries and ketchup that I wasn't in the U.S.
With SENTRI, there was almost no wait to cross the border at Otay Mesa. Looking forward to more Baja adventures with my all-girl crew!

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